Thursday, November 4, 2010

What a Day on the Market

With the elections behind us and QE2 locked in, the markets soaked it up today!

All three major indices hit their yearly highs and five stocks went up for every one that went down on the NYSE on good volume. I personally did pretty well today, up 2.48% in stocks and roughly 14% in options. Macys (M) and Ford (F) were my big winners in the stocks, but Akami (AKAM) was my largest relative gainer at roughly 11%!

I love these numbers on the options, I love them so much I'm looking to ring the register soon. I will definitely be looking to dump DEER next week assuming earnings do what I hope (fingers crossed), though if I see a significant enough rise before Wednesday's earnings I will certainly still take the money and run. Akami, however, I am looking at some pricing action to see a good time to get. It may be soon though.

With the biggest news behind us, I'm anxious to see what happens tomorrow. Continue the climb?? Catch its breath?? Buyers remorse??

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