Friday, November 12, 2010

Quick thoughts

Every week I listen to a google focused podcast and a "neutral" though more apple leaning podcast (at least that is the impression I get from the host). And one thing that I have noticed with the hosts and guests of both shows are that the google folks are usually much more rounded in their technology knowledge. This isn't really a shocker, but I think it's interesting to note as I closely follow google v apple.

So I wanted to use javascript in a cool way, well this guy puts it to shame in some early demos. Yes, its a gameboy emulator taking shape in javascript. It's up on github for anyone who fancies (under MIT and Apache too, ya know so that it has a real chance to grow). This whole thing tells me to scrap the css and jump into the canvas.

The markets were down for the week. No real shocker as it was time to take some profits and everyone had to come down off that caffeine high of last week. Now we have to deal with Chinese currency issues and their effect on commodity prices. And next week should be quite active for US markets at least. Lots of earnings reports and GM IPO. Should be interesting, but I'm thinking it'll be another up week! Here is a better preview of the week to come.

Just installed some chrome extensions for fun: Yoono a social networking "mashup", MeasureIt a quick tool to measure the screen in pixels, and Xmarks a bookmark synchronizer (passwords too if you wish).

Happy weekend, enjoy!

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